From the Pastor's Desk...
September 18th, 2016

Twenty-Fifth Sunday
In Ordinary Time

This weekend we hear Jesus telling us in the Gospel,

“You cannot serve both God and money.”

Is the Lord against material things? I think the answer to this question is NO. The Lord knows we need material things in order to live – a dignifying job, a house for the family, food to put on the table; every human being has the right to have these material things.

I think the main lesson to learn from this Gospel message can be resumed in one very important word: “stewardship”. Jesus asks us to be faithful stewards of our money and not to forget that the true riches are in the Kingdom of God.

When we are faithful and good stewards, we realize that all we have is not ours but God’s. That’s right, my brothers and sisters, everything we are, everything we have is a gift from God....

- Fr. Tomás