St. Augustine


September 24th, 2017

Reflection: Matthew 20:1-16

This is a strange story about people being paid a lot for doing little. About idlers rewarded. People are paid the same at the end of the day as if they worked all day.

 The key is in the last line…I give what I want…God’s ways are not our ways. But more – about the generosity of God delighted to give fully to everyone. And Jesus gets His message across with a story that has us asking questions all the time. God is generous with His love. Even at the worst of times. When we feel the worst, we may know the best of God.

God is love and generous even when you feel hard done by life. That lasts. And gives God joy.

He felt really good that they all had enough for the day. That’s all He ever promises. So much of modern thought that gets popular is about the now…live in the now… live in the now. Catholics can get stuck in the past with guilt, and always looking for a better life later. The now is all we have, we must live in the present, the now of God. God gives his love fully in the now without conditions....