From the Pastor's Desk... August 17th

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary

In this week’s gospel Jesus is approached by a Canaan- ite woman begging on behalf of her daughter. We must remember the status of Israel as the chosen people of God. The Old Testament describes in detail the relationship between God and Israel; at God's initiative, they are in covenant with each other forever, God is Israel's God and Israel is God's people. As a non-Jew, she is, decidedly, outside of the fold. However, she comes, as a Gentile on Jewish soil, to the God of Israel in the person of Jesus, the Jew. She addresses him as "Lord," and prays to him using the language of the Jewish prayer book, the psalms. Because of her persistent prayer, and her faith in Jesus to answer these prayers, her requests are heard.

Jesus’ merciful attitude toward the Canaanite woman reminds us that God’s love knows no boundaries....