From the Pastor's Desk...
March 26th, 2017



This is the fourth Sunday of our Lenten Season. This Sunday is also known as Laetare Sunday because of the Gregorian Antiphon of the Introduction Rite of the Mass, from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah which reads Rejoice Jerusalem!

So this Sunday’s liturgy is filled with joy, because the time to relive the Mysteries of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ during Holy Week is getting closer. Just as it happens on the Third Sunday of Advent – “Gaudete Sunday”, the liturgy for the fourth Sunday of Lent – “Laetare Sunday”, is marked by some peculiar changes: a predominant joyful character and rosy vestments to be worn by the priests.

Today, St. John’s Gospel tells us about a miracle performed by Jesus, making possible for a man who is blind from birth to be able to see....